MAGMA by Alfonso Gatto

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MAGMA by Alfonso Gatto, translated by Jack Hirschman. $12

This is the first major translation of the poems of Alfonso Gatto (1909-1976), one of the most important poets of modern Italy. Born in Salerno, he lived and wrote in cities like Florence, Rome and Milan as well, but returned many times to the Salerno he deeply loved. He was also a painter, essayist, art critic and film actor 9he played the apostle Andrea in Pasolini's Gospel According to Matthew in 1964).

In the 1930's he was jailed by the police as a communist, who edited a newsletter called "Liberazione" and his "hermetic" style of writing was in part intended to confound and befuddle the fascist cultural authorities during that period. After WWII and to his death in a street accident, he lived an immensely creative life, and was honored by the most prestigious literary awards. This book was translated during his Centennial year.